One of the world’s best bars is setting up in Sydney

Matt Whiley, who is behind London bar Scout, which placed 28th in the world World’s 50 Best Bars, is set to open a second outpost in Sydney.

Opening at the end of February, the new bar will be located in a newly created space at the top of Maurice Terzini’s Surry Hills pub, The Dolphin Hotel.

Whiley will be using all-Australian ingredients, from everyday fruits to the native produce, such as Davidson plums and green ants, which Whiley says lend drinks a “lemon acidity”.

“The food and drink scene in Sydney is amazing,” Whiley told Broadsheet. “The climate here is all about eating outside and making the most of the summer. While everyone leaves London to go on holidays for the summer, everyone is in Sydney eating and drinking.”

The seed for the new venue was planted when Whiley spent a few hours behind the bar at Terzini’s Bondi venue Icebergs last year.

“I’ve been in London for 11 years, and always wanted to open a bar in another country,” he said. “London can be a brutal city, and I wanted a better life for myself. I was planning on moving to Melbourne, but the universes all aligned and I’ve ended up here. I want it to be permanent; Maurice and all the team wants it to be permanent.”