NT virtual workshops offer opportunity for connection

Northern Territory Business Events recently collaborated with Influential Women in Events & Marketing to give a select group of event planners the opportunity to ‘virtually travel’ to the NT from their respective offices and enjoy some of its iconic experiences, via two different online workshops.

A virtual dot-painting workshop was held in conjunction with Maruku Arts, an Uluru-based not-for-profit art and craft organisation owned and operated by the Anangu People from the southeast and western regions of Central Australia.

An Indigenous artist connected online with a group of the members, talking to them about the stories and culture behind indigenous art, instructing on the techniques and symbols of this unique desert art form and enabling them to create their own dot-painting.

Anine Leakey from A9 Event Design described the dot-painting workshop as “a special experience”.

“Learning some of the local language and the meaning of the symbols from artist, Valerie Brumby and Sarah from Maruku was a privilege, and being able to sit quietly engrossed in our own artwork was a surprisingly relaxing and rewarding experience,” she said.

“I highly recommend this as an activity where participants learn a little more about the Anangu people and indigenous art.”

Another group enjoyed a virtual yoga session staged by Voyages Indigenous Tourism set against a stunning Uluru backdrop.

“During some of the toughest months of COVID, we set about creating a series of virtual events with a difference for our Influential Women in Events and Marketing members,” said Influential Women in Events & Marketing co-founder Shelley Ryan.

“Overwhelmingly, our members still want connection to their peers. Running a dot-painting webinar with an expert Anangu artist and then yoga with Voyages at Uluru provided the opportunity for connection, while exploring some of the unique NT experiences.”