NT to ramp up major events while international borders closed

The Northern Territory is aiming to elevate its major events offering this dry season.

Speaking in the NT News, NT Major Events CEO Tim Watsford said the Territory is looking to capitalise on the closure of international borders to become a major events powerhouse that entices more domestic visitors to the Top End.

“What the board is living and breathing at the moment is we want to be the best and we’ve got a light of opportunity,” he said.

“Yes, COVID provided that opportunity … we need to capitalise on it and we will through putting on some great events but also the experience piece, making sure people really enjoy themselves.

“This is a couple of years, while international borders are closed, that we can actively promote what we have on our doorstep and we should be doing that.”

The current line-up of major events this year includes a mix of sports, arts and cultural events including the Darwin Festival, BassintheGrass and the Barunga and Garma festivals.

“I’m quite confident we’ll be up there with the other states, obviously it’s hard to compete with how big they are but we’ll be nipping there for quite some time, doing things and doing them really well,” he said.

“Whether that be arts and culture, sport, whatever that might be to bring people to the Top End and central desert over that Christmas period is the next stop for us from a strategic sense.”