NSW to make it easier to hold outdoor events and festivals


The NSW Government will make it much easier and cost-effective to host festivals and events on their local streets and outdoor areas under changes to the application process.

Drawing from the successful approach developed by Wollongong Council, a ‘global approvals’ approach will be rolled out to 127 councils across the state.

A pilot will also be delivered which will aim to reduce the costs associated with street closures and traffic planning by planning for multiple events in the same location in advance, making it easier and more affordable to put on local events over a period of time.

Guidelines will be issued that help councils, event organisers and businesses use public lands and close streets in a more cost-effective and simpler way, without the need to keep going through the same process for the same location every time.

“As a government we want to support communities, businesses and councils to bring life and vibrancy back to our streets,” said Minister for Music and the Night-time Economy John Graham.

“Councils will be helped to streamline pathways for creatives and community groups to stage pop-up events and festivals, including street closures and global pre-approvals for event sites.

“This is giving communities the chance to have more fun outdoors but is also way in which we can assist the cost-of-living crisis by making it cheaper to arrange events.”