NSW hits 6 million vaccines milestone

New South Wales has seen six million vaccines delivered across the state in what Premier Gladys Berejiklian described as “an amazing milestone”.

“That equates to 60 per cent of our population across the state with at least one dose and around 30 per cent of the population double dosed,” she said.

While Berejiklian has so far only hinted at what freedoms might be granted for hitting the jab target in September they are unlikely to be much more than the ability to get a haircut if fully vaccinated.

“I have never suggested that life will be free once we get to the six million jabs but what I have said, and will honour, is that if you are fully vaccinated, there will be at least one thing you can do that you cannot do now,” Berejiklian told A Current Affair on Monday.

“We know that the harsh lockdowns in NSW are affecting every single citizen, so for us to be able to give them something they can do, which they couldn’t previously do, is an important opportunity.”

The Premier is expected to lift many more restrictions once 70 per cent of the eligible population are fully vaccinated, but that target is not expected to be reached until late October.

“We won’t have real freedom unless we hit 70 per cent double dose vaccination,” she told A Current Affair.

“In NSW, we are likely to have that at the end of October and an 80 per cent double dose vaccination, which gives us life before the outbreak, pretty much life as we knew it, in the middle of November.”