Nicole Walker takes ownership of Arinex

Arinex CEO Nicole Walker has taken ownership of the company.

Arinex founder Roslyn McLeod has officially announced that CEO Nicole Walker has taken ownership of the company.

In a statement, McLeod said her plan to retire took the best part of 10 years, but she was finally ready to sit back and “watch Netflix”.

“I always wanted to do the right thing by our staff, our clients, and our industry by placing Arinex into the hands of a new owner whom I perceived would guide all the stakeholders on a smooth and progressive journey into the future,” McLeod said.

Nicole Walker and Roslyn McLeod back in 2019 presenting their Plastics Pledge to IAPCO.

“In more than two years up to the handover, Nicole has proven to have what it takes. In 2019 Nicole reshaped the team and set the mission, vision and values in place and has stuck to them.”

McLeod said she felt “privileged, honoured and lucky” to have been involved in the events industry over so many years and was grateful to all the staff who had taught her so much.

“After 51 years from entering the industry as a tour guide, seeing international conferences as an opportunity in 1976 and weaving the challenges of business and personal life, I am ready to watch Netflix!” she said.