New Zealand launches voluntary code for event organisers

Conventions and Incentives New Zealand (CINZ) and fellow event-related associations have released a new Voluntary Code for event organisers following New Zealand’s Covid-free status.

“We are aware of the need to continue to be vigilant, and ensure some of the measures put in place during past three months of restrictions are still maintained, as part of standard operating process and best practice,” said CINZ chief executive Lisa Hopkins.

“The Code is seen as an ‘intent’ to support the Government’s ongoing directive to maintain health and hygiene standards as well as track and trace. It is a way of working in an environment where there are mass gatherings for a single purpose.

Dubbed the “Covid Code”, it is voluntary and will not be regulated or legally enforceable.

“It shows the sector’s support for New Zealand’s efforts in the key areas of public health risk, and most particularly for enabling contact tracing,” said Hopkins.

“Its development has been industry led, so it is written in a way that works for the sector as a whole, and it does not in any way override or add to the existing health and safety or workplace requirements that the sector is currently operating within.”