New ways for businesses to pick up the travel tab with Uber Vouchers

Uber has launched a new way for businesses to pay for their trips with their new Uber Vouchers.

The Uber for Business team began beta testing Vouchers in late 2018, with over 100 partners globally including selected businesses in Australia and New Zealand.

“Uber’s goal is to unlock an additional growth lever for businesses by creating an innovative way to bring customers to their door or wherever they need to go,” said Georgia Foster, Head of Uber for Business in Australia & New Zealand.

“As companies look for new technology and novel ways to engage with consumers, Vouchers provide a perk that businesses know their customers will use, providing a streamlined travel experience to get from A to B.”

For QT Hotels and Resorts, Uber Vouchers offers a consumer-friendly means to facilitate travel when exploring a new destination, according to Director of Brand and Communications, Victoria Doidge.

QT Hotels can rely on Uber Vouchers to offer local and international guests with ground transportation, regardless of where travellers call home.

“We’ve been working with Uber to offer our guests access to unique experiences when visiting Sydney, and we’ll soon extend this program to our eight additional QT properties across Australia and New Zealand,” she said. “By providing an Uber Voucher to a valued QT guest, we enable them to access a seamless travel experience and remove the difficulties of navigating an unknown city.”

Businesses can sign-up for Vouchers by creating an Uber for Business account at and enabling the Vouchers portal.