New thermal technology for venues to boost confidence for event stakeholders

Vital Protection Group has launched its latest technology to assist events in the detection of elevated temperatures.

Vital Protection Group offers a Thermal Imaging Walk-though unit that measures a person’s temperature within 1-2 seconds as they pass through the unit without stopping. During an event, this unit can process up to 1800-2000 attendees per hour.

The other solution is a thermal imaging camera pointed towards a concourse were attendees are passing through in which the camera will measure the temperature of attendees who are within a 10-metre distance of the camera to identify elevated temperatures.

The launch follows BECA’s set of Covid-19 safety protocols for venues to accelerate the restart of the business events industry.

“Due to the impacts of Covid 19, future events will not just require traditional security screening but a focus on the ‘new normal’ of bio-security screening as well,” said Vital Protection Group director Eddie Idik.

“This include our thermal imaging cameras which allows event organisers and venue operators to demonstrate they are taking overt action to gain the trust of attendees to their events by showing what measures they have put into place.

“Our thermal detection technology will assist venues in having the tools they need to instill confidence back to its stakeholders.”