New tech solution from Arinex a boost for the vision impaired

Arinex has worked with the International Deafblind Conference 2019 committee to make it easier for vision-impaired users to use its event technology.

The accessibility enhancements for Arinex’s abstract and program management solution, eOrganiser, are part of a new release across Arinex’ entire technology range.

Other upgrades include an advanced data recovery solution and increased scalability for the software to service events of any size.

Committee members from the International Deafblind Conference 2019 collaborated in the product-test of the prototype providing feedback to refine it in time for their upcoming conference in August.

The results are an optional accessibility mode with compatible text-to-voice technology, providing an easier user experience for vision-impaired delegates.

Renu Minhas, from the International Deafblind Conference 2019 Organising Committee, said it was great to be among the first to road test the new technology.

“We decided to use eOrganiser because it will simplify the abstract submission and review process; however, we were particularly impressed with the willingness from Arinex’ technology team to seek our feedback and input in order to adjust the product to our users’ specific need,” Minhas said. “The resulting changes will greatly assist those users who are vision impaired.”

Arinex technology manager, Prem Bhawnani, said they were excited to release the latest version of their eOrganiser suite of technology products.

“The improvements allow our technology to service small to really big events with strong security measures, offering an enhanced user experience for all and making it a leader in the market,” Bhawnani.