New Indigenous MasterChef inspired team-building experience with Mark Olive

Indigenous chef Mark Olive is collaborating with Cheeky Food Events to bring the flavours of Indigenous Australia to a new team-building product.

The Cheeky Olive combines Mark’s passion for cooking with his intimate knowledge of native ingredients, helping participants unearth traditional Australian flavours, cooking methods and ancient storytelling in a unique hands-on, competitive cooking challenge format.

“I’m really excited to use this event to share my knowledge and culture with others through my love of food as well as teach people how to integrate rich and interesting native flavours into their daily cooking routines,” said Olive.

The launch of this team-building product comes at a time where staff reconnection is more crucial than ever in post-Covid corporate Australia, said Cheeky Food Events owner Rob Frank, who is also the owner of Verve Creative Events.

“Connection is something that we all as humans crave,” said Frank.

“We’ve already been witnessing the importance of reconnection and creativity through our Verve Creative channels.

“This product through Cheeky Food Events provides the platform for colleagues to interact and connect in a fun way that strengthens team bonds, spurs open communication and increases team motivation and problem solving.”

The culinary teambuilding product was recently tested for the first time with a large Melbourne based firm.

“We’re super excited by the interest level and fun people were having. The product is already showing great signs of resonating with the audience,” said Frank.

The Cheeky Olive is available for private bookings, business events/conferences and incentives for 10 or more guests.