New event industry association looks to give sector a #FairGo

A new industry association has been launched to address concerns over visitor and buyer confidence.

Gary Fitz-Roy, managing director of Expertise Events, has launched the Events Alliance alongside a new campaign #FairGo.

“Despite talk from some representative groups as an industry we have not heard anything or had any recognition,” he said.

“It’s time for the industry to unite in communicating to their local Federal and state members.

“The initiative #FairGo is designed to increase awareness and keep the squeaky wheel to lobby the Government.”

Fitz-Roy’s latest call for action comes as JobKeeper ends and Greater Brisbane goes into a three-day lockdown, leaving many events scrambling to reschedule.

“Not only are events being madly cancelled and moved in Brisbane that were planned for this week, the ramifications are the events now affected in the next month plus which extends beyond the tourism Easter break,” he said.

“It’s time for anyone with a vested interest to join and take the lead. Waiting for someone else or any association is a trap, it’s now or never.

“We are now launching a new association called the Exhibition Alliance and for $179 a year membership we can endeavour to make a real difference.”

For more details contact Fitz-Roy here.