New bar and terrace planned for Bondi’s Icebergs

Plans for a new bar and terrace at Bondi’s Icebergs Dining Room and Bar have been unveiled that will cater for cocktail events.

The development proposal submitted to Waverley Council features a new bar and roof on the terrace. Currently, diners at the fine dining Italian restaurant have to be off the terrace by 8pm during daylight savings and 6pm at other times of the year, but the venue wants to allow patrons to stay out there until 10pm year round.

The venue also wants to increase the capacity of the terrace from 60 to 75 patrons and for them to be allowed to consume alcohol while standing as opposed to only when seated so they can hold cocktail events.

“As a consequence of the operational changes, it is proposed to enclose a portion of the southern terrace to maintain acoustic privacy and to provide shelter for patrons,” the proposal states.

“The minor changes are required to allow the iconic venue to function at its highest potential by offering improved amenity for patrons.”