New 5-star hotel for Launceston

Launceston will welcome a new 5-star hotel following the approval of The Gorge Hotel proposal on Margaret Street.

Launceston Chamber of Commerce executive office Neil Grose said the $50 million development by developer Josef Chromy and JAC Group was “strongly supported” by the chamber.

Tasmanian Tourism Industry Council chief executive Luke Martin said the approval was “exciting” news for Launceston.

“When you look at what he’s [Josef Chromy] done around Launceston for tourism and hospitality they haven’t got it wrong, so why wouldn’t we encourage more of it,” he said.

“I think this will reaffirm some confidence, that plus having the Silos and the Verge and hopefully more to come.”

Tourism Northern Tasmania chief executive Chris Griffin also threw his support behind the development.

“Our support of the development is because it’s filling the gap in regards to giving us great capacity to accommodate the top end of the market in terms of a five-star hotel,” he said.

There were some critics of the development plans though, with Councillor Tim Walker the only person to vote against the decision.

The 145-room hotel is expected to take about two years to build.