New 30-storey hotel planned for Norwest Metro site

A new 30-storey hotel is set to be the centrepiece of a new development at the Norwest Business Park in Sydney.

Landcom has submitted a planning proposal to redevelop Norwest Business Park into a commercial and retail plaza featuring skyscrapers, a new public domain and a commercial centre close to Norwest Metro station.

“It is part of Landcom and Sydney Metro’s Northwest Places Program to deliver inviting, walkable, mixed use places surrounding Sydney Metro northwest stations,” the planning proposal said.

“Landcom’s vision for the site is for an integrated, transit orientated development that provides a diversified centre at the heart of Norwest Business Park.”

The development proposal will support a mix of uses, including commercial office space, retail, such as cafes or restaurants, and other uses to support local businesses, such as potential short-term accommodation which could include a hotel or serviced apartments, according to a Landcom spokeswoman.