Need for vaccine passports in NSW will likely last less than a month

Vaccine passports in New South Wales will likely only be enforced for a few weeks after being implemented, according to Deputy Premier John Barilaro.

Those wanting to enter some venues will need to show proof of full vaccination next month when the state is expected to reach 70 per cent vaccination coverage, but the requirement will be ditched once the state gets to 80 per cent.

Barilaro said those who don’t want to use a vaccine passport system when the state lifts restrictions next month “might have to wait another three to four weeks after that when we get to 80 per cent and above”.

“This about giving the ones that have gone and got vaccinated the opportunity to have a level of freedom … we’ve got to reboot the economy and this is the safety way,” he told 2GB.

“If they don’t want to do it that’s fine, you might have to wait another three to four weeks after that when we get to 80 per cent and above.

“I apologise for that but it will only be a three to four weeks of short inconvenience.

“According to the national road map and to the Doherty Institute report, we’ll go and then lift further restrictions including for the unvaccinated.”

But NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian said unvaccinated people should not become complacent.

“I don’t want people to think they can sit back and let everybody else do the hard work (getting vaccinated),” she said.

“We have not yet put out our plans for 80 per cent, we’re still formalising them.

“Government might say it’s up to business to decide whether or not they accept unvaccinated patrons … but we have not come to those conclusions yet.”