National Events Alliance unveils new plan to share workers

The National Events Alliance (NEA) has created a unique “co-operative program” for its affiliates to share staff in an effort to overcome the double challenges of ongoing border restrictions and a skills shortage following a mass exodus of experienced staff from the industry.

“We committed to putting together a co-operation agreement that businesses could use as a starter,” said Doug MacColl, acting CEO of NEA.

“This was to ensure that any contacts, prices, IP and the like was protected. For years there has been talk of better co-operation between the sector, this really is really a great starting point and shows a mature approach to giving the industry the best opportunity to rebound and resume some consistency.

“It’s an exciting initiative and one that may help a lot of family small businesses.”

Under the program one business may be able to use staff from another business as “contractors”. A general confidentiality document has been drawn up to form a base for interested parties.

“It’s just another positive initiative NEA have been working on to unite the industry but more importantly get shows up and going as quickly as possible and with more certainty,” said MacColl.

“Other initiatives such as event insurance is taking more time as each state need to implement this.

“In Victoria, Save Victoria Events have done a really good job tabling the need for event insurance and have formed strong connections with government, and we are taking the lead in NSW with other states also on the list to start.”