NACC drops investigation into Tourism Australia travel scandal


The National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC) has dropped a planned investigation into reports of three Tourism Australia employees who were sacked over inappropriate travel expenses.

Inconsistencies in the travel expenses of the three employees were uncovered late last year. They were sacked by Tourism Australia and repaid a combined $137,441.

“The commission can confirm that it has recently decided to take no further action in relation to the referral, on the basis that, prior to the referral, the matter had already been fully investigated, the employees terminated and the funds repaid, so there was nothing that the commission could now usefully add to the process,” the NACC told the ABC.

Tourism Australia CEO Phillipa Harrison was unable to speak about the incident to Parliament due to the ant-corruption watchdog’s impending inquiry but has since referred the matter to the police.

A spokesperson for Tourism Australia has stated that Harrison is now able to answer questions from the Senate relating to the matter.