Muggle revolt as Harry Potter-inspired ‘dining experience’ not so magical for some

Harry Potter fans thought they were in for a treat when they snapped up tickets for The Wizard’s Dinner in Brisbane.

But what was promoted as “immersive dining experience” in a “magical world” has left some punters feeling the event held on January 18 at St John’s Cathedral was more mundane than magical.

The Wizard’s Brunch company sold out the $235-a-head event that was promoted via Immersive Ventures, pledging “an elegant three-course meal” and three-hour beverage package “plus all the entertainment and events of the evening”.

Speaking to, ticket holder Niti Prakash described the event as “awful and appalling” with guests “packed in like sardines” with no drinks available on tables after receiving their initial “welcome drink”.

“There was nothing ‘magical’ about the event, let alone the food, and the tickets cost a fortune,” she said.

“You expect a decent level of care and skill for something that costs that much. They did not provide a basic level of service.

“It was marketed as a dinner event and they didn’t even have the base level of plates.” She has since received a full refund.

One attendee has lodged a formal complaint with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) and others are considering further action.

However, looking at the company’s social media pages, the majority of attendees were more than happy with the event.

“Overall a few people were affected by the events, they were refunded based on their situation and experience and all have been satisfied,” a spokesman from The Wizard’s Brunch said.

“Unfortunately six people doesn’t really paint a fair picture of the other 494 that had a great experience especially since we’ve compensated and dealt fairly with those affected.”