MP goes on rampage in Canberra hotel after being denied his luggage

Guests were kept from entering their hotel in Canberra by police after a Victorian MP allegedly went on a rampage in the lobby.

Victorian MP Will Fowles has apologised for what he called “a very bad mistake” after footage was posted on social media of the damage to door at the Abode Kingston.

Witness Kellie Sloane claimed a man had “gone into a rage after discovering he couldn’t access his luggage”. She then tweeted a picture of a door that was smashed to pieces.

“I came back to the hotel and a security guard stopped me and said ‘you can’t go in there, there’s a big dude and he’s going [on a] rage and he’s smashed a big hole in the door and he’s not out of the building yet so we all have to stay outside,” Sloane said.

“The cops told us we had to make sure that no-one was in the building, that it was unsafe at that point.

(L-R) MP Will Fowles with Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews.

“People were worried, we had to get people outside, it was -2C this morning at Kingston, people were waiting outside in the cold until police arrived.”

Police questioned Fowles at the Kingston hotel after which he fronted the reporters waiting outside.

“I want to apologise unreservedly to my colleagues, to my constituents and to my family,” he said.

“This has been a very distressing morning.”

Fowles was elected last year, saying in his maiden speech to Parliament that MPs had to set public standards because the actions of a “dishonest few” had soured the relationship with the public.

“Only through principled behaviour and disciplined debate will this generation of public leaders win back the trust of the citizens we represent,” he said at the time.