Morrison maintains pressure on state leaders to open borders by Christmas

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has doubled down on his public campaign to force state and territory leaders to open their borders by Christmas when it is expected that the nation will have reached the 80 per cent vaccination threshold.

“That’s within the gift of governments, and that’s a gift I’d like to see us give them,” Morrison told Channel Seven.

“There comes a time when you’ve got to honour the arrangement you’ve made with the Australian people, and that is when you get to 80 per cent vaccination, it’s very clear that you can start opening up.”

The latest public push by Morrison to have Australia opened up by Christmas comes as both WA and Queensland signal they will not be bullied into opening their borders to any schedule except their own.

Under the National Plan, restrictions will such as border closures and lockdowns will be lifted once 80 per cent of eligible people are full vaccinated.

Morrison said there would still be some measures in place such as QR codes and face masks in certain settings.

“There comes a time when you just got to move on and get on with it,” he said.