‘More to follow’ as Adelaide hosts largest business event since March

In a positive signal that South Australia’s business events sector is beginning to fire up again, Adelaide has hosted the State’s largest business event since pre-Covid.

Organised by the Adelaide Convention Bureau (ACB), the Connect SA conference was held at the Adelaide Convention Centre, with the aim of giving the business event sector confidence that such events can be now be held successfully.

The conference attracted 200 delegates to hear from speakers including Business Events Australia’s Penny Lion.

ACB chief executive Damien Kitto said they had been preparing for the sector’s reopening from the beginning of Covid restrictions in March.

“We knew we must be ready, and we are,” he said.

“Connect SA adds another success for the ACB on behalf of the State because we already bested the nation by achieving an 85 per cent success in postponing booked 2020 business events into 2021 and 2022.”

The ACB’s SA FE end to end (airport to airport) COVID-safe promise campaign which was launched in June to attract prospective national clients, is now also attracting more than two dozen events which had previously been booked into the eastern States.

“With the visible success of Connect SA we now intend for more to follow,” said Kitto.

“The success of Connect SA which included food service, the exhibition and the COVID-safe movement of delegates in and out of different rooms was impressive.

“It has given Health SA, and us, the confidence to secure national business events here even before the end of 2020.”

The ACB’s latest annual report shows that the organisation has secured $208 million for the State in the FY 2019/20 even with the advent of Covid.