Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Trust launch new accessibility and inclusion plan


The operators of Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC) and the future Nyaal Banyul Geelong Convention and Event Centre have launched their latest Accessibility Action Plan.

The Plan focuses on four key goals – improving employment opportunities for people with disabilities; improving access to goods, services and facilities at MCEC and Nyaal Banyul; collaborating with event organisers to ensure everyone can meaningfully participate and engage in events; and changing discriminatory attitudes, behaviours and practices.

Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Trust (MCET) has already made significant progress towards accessibility and inclusion across both venues.

MCEC has a range of accessible features available to support visitors with mobility needs, vision impairment and assisted hearing. MCEC’s new website launched last year was designed with inclusivity in mind, providing information about accessible features as well as virtual tours of the venue. Over the next three years, MCET has committed to further enhancing accessibility at the venue.

Construction of Nyaal Banyul, which is set to open on the Geelong waterfront in 2026 is currently underway. MCET is working closely with the Victorian Government and the consortium led by Plenary Conventions to ensure the venue is designed with accessible gathering spaces for all who visit.

In addition, the Positive Impact Guide was launched last year to provide event organisers with tangible resources to embed corporate social responsibility into their events.

“As leaders in the events industry, it’s our duty to set the standard for accessibility and inclusion,” said Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Trust chief executive Natalie O’Brien.

“We’re proud to release our latest Accessibility Action Plan, affirming our commitments to providing welcoming spaces for everyone that visits our venues.”