Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre to become ‘home of the unconventional’

Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre (MCEC) is rebranding to become the ‘home of the unconventional’.

Peter King, chief executive MCEC, said the refreshed brand is representative of the unconventional ways MCEC works.

“We do things a little differently at MCEC and we are now looking to the future to ensure we keep innovating and evolving,” he said.

“Our 2021-24 Business Strategy recognises that MCEC makes a significant contribution to the life and economy of our city and state, and we want to keep making an impact where it counts.

“By unveiling a new brand to the world, that accurately represents the way we are working here, we hope to attract like-minded customers, partners and visitors to join us at MCEC.”

In 2020 MCEC began using their space in unconventional ways, this included providing space for training Guide Dogs, opening Australia’s first Drive In (Door) Cinema, and partnering with food supplier Flinders & Co on a new wholesale product offering.

MCEC has partnered with FutureBrand Australia to create and deliver the brand’s transformation.

“MCEC is an experience that extends far beyond the four walls of a traditional event space,” said Rich Curtis, FutureBrand Australia’s CEO.

“Our work is focused on how we position and design the brand in ways that don’t reinvent it, but in fact strengthen it to surface their unconventional approach, showing what makes MCEC and their people truly special.

“With the impact of Covid and how it has helped realise MCEC’s strengths in creativity and innovation, we created an identity that is meaningful, useful and beautiful both in physical and digital arenas.

“Ultimately, our work with MCEC embodies FutureBrand’s fundamental belief that while brands are created with purpose, they are defined through experience.”