Melbourne Airport rail link impasse resolved


The stand down over a rail link from Melbourne Airport to the CBD has ended with construction of the multi-billion-dollar project now set to begin.

The delay was caused by Melbourne Airport wanting the terminal station to be built underground. But they have now acquiesced to the Victorian government’s preferred and cheaper above-ground station option.

Melbourne Airport chief executive officer Lorie Argus said “Victorians have waited long enough for an airport rail line”.

“We will work with the Victorian government to deliver their preferred above-ground station at the airport so the rail line can become reality,” she said.

The rail link is hoped to be built in time of the airport’s third runway opening in 2030.

Premier Jacinta Allan said the airport had dragged the issue out despite not having any financial input into the project and was still worried by the airport’s calls for compensation for losing the use of Commonwealth-owned land to build the station.

“So we still clearly have some further negotiations, some further discussions to have with the Commonwealth and with the airport as to how we can progress this project because that is a very, very big question that the airport has raised today,” she said.