Marriott employees to get early pay rise

Sean Hunt, Marriott’s local boss, said taking care of its employees was essential given the current skills shortage affecting the hospitality sector.

Marriott International workers on award wages will see a pay rise kick in from July 1.

The mandated 4.6 per cent wage increase was previously set for October 1 by the Fair Work Commission.

The pay rise will apply to around 2,500 staff members from the total pool of 3,300 staff across Australia.

“We operate on the ethos of if we take care of our Associates, they in turn will take care of our guests,” said Sean Hunt, Marriott’s local boss.

“Never before has it been more important to ensure that we retain and attract new talent to the hospitality industry. Marriott invests heavily in people and culture to ensure they are ready to lead and thrive in the renewed environment post the devastating effects of the global pandemic – the hotel and hospitality industry being one of the hardest hit.”

Marriott is currently recruiting for 400 positions across Australia.