Man fronts court for flooding Melbourne hotel

A man is facing court this week accused of opening 18 fire hydrants in Melbourne’s Experience Bella Hotel Apartments forcing 300 people to evacuate.

Bradley Vogt was believed to be high on ice when he allegedly walked through the building’s emergency stairwell and opened 18 fire hydrants. The 28-year-old was a guest at the time of the incident, and had stayed four nights before he allegedly went on the methamphetamine fuelled rampage.

The incident saw 432,000 litres of water gush through the building, with some fire hydrants wedged open to ensure maximum damage. Vogt was found by firefighters attempting to clean the mess up with a single mop before he tried to re-open another hydrant. He then barricaded himself in the manager’s office before being bundled by several police officers who then sedated him.

He is facing a Melbourne Magistrates Court committal hearing on seven charges, including intentionally damaging property, resisting emergency workers, interfering with a hydrant and trafficking ice. He is also up for a hefty cleaning bill.