Majority of sector left out of Victoria’s events support package

The $20 million Victorian Events Support Package will only help a fraction of events in the state, according to lobby group Save Victorian Events.

The biggest hand out is available to businesses with a payroll of more than $3 million a year, which account for only 5.2 per cent of Victoria’s event industry in economic terms, says Save Victorian Events spokesman Simon Thewlis.

Thewlis says that the announcement gave “some hope – as there had been no targeted support to businesses in Victoria’s very hard hit event industry” but was not helpful for the majority of the events industry.

“Businesses events for corporates, not-for-profits and government account for 79 per cent of Victoria’s event industry but completely miss out as will many other types of events,” he said.

“During the course of this pandemic, Victoria’s event industry has lost well over 100,000 events worth well over $10 billion.

“Prior to the lockdown many event industry businesses were stretched to breaking point. Over three quarters of our industry’s technical talent had been lost.

“The current extended lockdown is devastating for our industry as there is still no roadmap out and we are being told that lockdowns are likely to keep happening.

“Event industry businesses are facing many weeks without any income and a very uncertain future.”

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