Launceston BeerFest funding leaves bitter taste

The organisers of BeerFest in Launceston have called out the sizeable funding gap between their show and a similar event being held in Hobart.

To be held on New Year’s Eve, Beerfest secured secured a $10,000 grant from the state government in addition to funding from the City of Launceston council.

But BeerFest director James Harding said the state government funding was considerably less than the $1.4 million given to Hobart’s New Year’s Eve event Taste of Summer.

“In 2020, whilst in the midst of a pandemic, when all other events chose to not soldier on, we chose to roll up our sleeves and deliver the only New Year’s Eve event in Tasmania which attracted a 49 per cent interstate attendance,” he told The Examiner.

“When I compare our Launceston New Year’s Eve event receiving $10k versus Hobart receiving $1.4million – I’m not sure how we are meant to compete.”

A government spokesperson said Events Tasmania would work closely with the organisers of BeerFest.