Labor campaign goes virtual as Covid shapes political landscape

The recent Eden-Monaro by-election, which saw Labor’s Kristy McBain claim a narrow victory, was the first time the nation has witnessed a live online interactive campaign launch.

Turning Point Solutions managing director Peter Pecotic and Mark Lucas of LucasMinghella produced and delivered the live online interactive campaign launch during the Covid-19 lockdown.

Instead of crowds being bussed to big halls to listen to set piece speeches, the team set up a mobile broadcasting unit in the Garage of Kristy McBain’s home. They brought together Zoom, Twitter, Skype and Facebook formats as well as traditional TV cameras and production values to create over an hour of live TV, with 800 community activists and supporters on screen as Kristy introduced the campaign from her own kitchen.

The broadcast cut live to various business and community groups around the area who were able to contribute live from their own homes, workplaces and even the Tathra Pub to the event. Pre-recorded VTs and a live piece from ALP Federal Leader Anthony Albanese from his own kitchen added to the mix of content.

“We have learnt a lot along the way in developing this format,” Pecotic said. “We cannot go back to the old ways. New times require imagination and a new way of thinking.”