Kiwis called on to shoot home movies for new ad campaign

Kiwis are being called on to shoot home movies to promote the country in the latest content push by Tourism New Zealand’s 100% Pure Welcome – 100% Pure New Zealand campaign.

While the amateur videos are being done “for the love of New Zealand”, the professional ones created by ad agency Special Group are part of the Good Morning World campaign that cost over $3 million. The videos will be part of a 366-day campaign showcasing the country’s “welcoming people and culture”.

“We’re asking New Zealanders to share their favourite place with the world by creating a ‘good morning world’ video and sharing it on social media,” said Tourism NZ chief executive Stephen England-Hall.

“Think everyday locations, your local cafe, your dog walking spot, your favourite beach or even your local pie shop, We want raw, authentic stories from people.

“We expect there will be all sorts of content that people will produce, some of which we will want to leverage. Some of it will be entertaining – maybe not appropriate for international distribution. Some of it will be people wanting to place their product. From a brand management point of view that’s something that we’ll be keeping an eye on.”

The ethos behind the new videos is New Zealand is the first place in the world to see the sun each day.

“This new approach to our storytelling brings to life the unique nature of New Zealand,” said England-Hall.

“We set out to treat our visitors like whānau [family] which is underpinned by the Māori concept of manaakitanga, creating deep connections between people, extending hospitality, care and respect. Often visitors come to New Zealand for the landscapes, arriving as strangers, but leave as whānau, talking about the warm and welcoming nature of our people.”