iVvy releases new instant meeting space booking tool

Venue management software company iVvy has released a new meeting space booking tool for venues and hotels.

Venues and hotels using iVvy software can now set their own rules and show their meeting space, and food and beverage availability to specific event planners and booker types such as corporate planners logged into the iVvy system.

“Online booking is on the rise for the meetings space and meetings themselves are trending towards smaller, less complicated events,” said Lauren Hall, CEO of iVvy.

“Venue spaces now recognize that small meetings can make for big business. However, much like larger meetings, planners expect a fast turn around and attentive service regardless of the size of the meeting.

“We know from client feedback that hoteliers and venue operators are seeking out digital tools to optimise their smaller events and spaces to free up staff to focus on higher-value engagements. Our new meeting booking tool is designed to simplify the meeting booking process while driving conversions and profitability for the venue operator.”