INVNT gets HEVĒ with new NY agency

Two-time Emmy and three-time Webby award winner, Chris Hercik, will lead HEVĒ.

After recently launching its second Asia Pacific operation, global agency INVNT has launched a new performance focused agency in New York called HEVĒ.

Two-time Emmy and three-time Webby award winner, Chris Hercik, will lead HEVĒ as CEO. Hercik was the former chief creative officer and co-founder of Meredith-owned branded content shop, The Foundry.

HEVĒ will operate as a collaborative of proven creators, strategists, innovators and producers, under a flexible business model.

“I’ve spent my career dreaming up and delivering big, bold, emotional stories that channel the DNA of brands,” he said.

“Now, in partnership with INVNT, HEVĒ will combine that hard-hitting creative work with the latest in predictive analytics, enabling us to efficiently and effectively deliver the right message to the right audience, in the right way, right place and right time, every time. Yet still unafraid to be just a little bit wrong in the pursuit of a great idea.”

Paul Blurton, chief creative officer at INVNT.

INVNT CEO Scott Cullather said HEVĒ will grow independently within the organisation.

“We launched INVNT in 2008 to fulfil an unmet need in the live events business, and we see a similar opportunity with HEVĒ,” said Cullather.

“INVNT creates powerful live experiences that bring people together and move them emotionally; HEVĒ creates experiences that engage people in their home, in the palm of their hand, in that intimate space that is all about personal choices. Both are about influencing people to allow brands into their hearts.”

Paul Blurton, chief creative officer at INVNT, described Hercik as “a legit creative heavyweight”.

“We’re confident that HEVĒ will create and deliver brand stories that land with a thump, that carry real weight,” he said.