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International scientific symposium heads to Brisbane for the first time

Brisbane and the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre will welcome researchers from across the globe involved in the emerging science of peptides, considered an important field for future drugs for reasons of potency, safety and specificity.

Brisbane scientists, Dr Christina Schroeder and Dr Johan Rosengren from the University of Queensland were the main drivers behind the successful bid to bring the International Peptide Symposium to Brisbane in 2021 working in collaboration with the team at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre, Brisbane Marketing and Tourism & Events Queensland.

Peptides are a key area of research growth in Australia, particularly with advances in research in drug design and agricultural applications, with the University of Queensland leading the way.

“The field of peptide science has rapidly matured in Australia with the sector outstripping other types of drug research, with scientists in Brisbane leading the way, focussing on the areas of bio pesticides and drug design,” said Dr Rosengren, who is Co-Chair of the Australian Bid Committee.

“This event is a unique opportunity to showcase local research and provide a global platform for the exchange of science and knowledge and the opportunity for research growth and investment in the sector.”

A first time event for Brisbane, the five day symposium is expected to attract more than 600 delegates from the United Kingdom, Europe, America, Asia and Australia.

The Queensland Government supports the event through Tourism & Events Queensland’s Business Events Acquisition and Leveraging Fund.