InterContinental Sanctuary Cove Resort adds holographic tech to its events package

InterContinental Sanctuary Cove Resort has added new 3D holographic technology to its outdoor event production packages for corporate clients and group events.

In collaboration with Encore Event Technology, the immersive 3D holographic experience will be available to stage at the property’s 1-acre saltwater Lagoon Beach Pool.

InterContinental Sanctuary Cove Resort general manager Matt Rippin said the new technology would add theatre to client events.

“Our new holographic technology will enable clients to inject an element of surprise and wonder to their events or celebrations with high definition, 3D holograms projected onto large hologauze screens that appear to float above the still waters of our Lagoon Beach Pool,” Rippin said.

“Research shows that consumers respond particularly well to interactive and immersive narratives and this is exactly what this technology can do for our clients – immerse their delegates in a story, a product or brand with high-definition visuals that are larger than life. Event organisers can use the technology to bring their brands and their brand stories to life with different multimedia that is projected onto screens and customised to suit the needs of each client.”

The holographic technology can also be used for companies with managing directors or CEOs based in other countries that are unable to attend a special event.

“Our global network of AV teams gives InterContinental Sanctuary Cove Resort the unique capability of being able to project pre-recorded media of people who have a message or story to share with delegates; but at the time of the event are located elsewhere around the world,” said Encore Event Technology’s Andrew MacColl.

“Pre-recorded content gives delegates the experience of being able to see and hear from their CEO or a special guest as they appear to walk on water right before their eyes.

“We also have the capability to overlay video conferencing technology to project live holographic displays of people at an event. In this instance, the projection and image are live, and audience members can ask questions and talk in real-time to their CEO or a guest who is beamed in to join an event then and there.”