Inquiry recommends NSW music festival regulations be scrapped

A NSW parliamentary inquiry into the controversial new rules around music festivals has concluded they are “not best practice” and should be scrapped.

The new rules introduced in March after six drug-related deaths at music festivals in the state met with a barrage of complaints from festival organisers who said they were not consulted before being rushed through leading to widespread uncertainty and in some cases festivals being cancelled.

The parliamentary committee said the NSW Government made “inadequate” consultations with festival organisers , with the new legislation producing “significant and unsustainable cost increases” for organisers.

But the NSW government rejected the repeal of the regulations saying the inquiry’s recommendation was “reckless and irresponsible and almost certain to cost more young people their lives”.

However, it supported a roundtable discussion with major industry stakeholders before the festival season begins in late Spring.

A joint statement by industry bodies Live Performance Australia, Australian Festival Association, APRA AMCOS, Live Music Office, Music NSW and AAM  said they are “keen to engage in a collaborative and constructive partnership with Government agencies to develop and implement a regulatory regime which achieves this [safety and enjoyment of festival goers],” they said.