Impact X Summit kicks off in Sydney in a bid to bolster Australia’s COP31 bid


Australia’s largest climate and nature summit Impact X is kicking off in Sydney today as it aims to bolster Australia’s COP31 bid by uniting hundreds of international climate experts.

Held at the International Convention Centre Sydney, the Summit will showcase over 200 speakers from across the globe throughout the two-day event, all with the common goal of propelling Australia and the world towards net zero.

The theme Climate & Nature 2030: Accelerating Partnerships for Shared Growth will centre on the latest scientific advancements, strategic approaches, opportunities and case studies aimed at achieving Australia’s 2030 climate and nature goals.

Notable speakers include Vanuatu Climate Change Minister Ralph Regenvanu; National Reconstruction Fund Chair Martijn Wilder; Australia’s Ambassador for Climate Change, Kristin Tilley; founding Director of the Gaimaragal Group, Susan Moylan-Coombs; and Beyond Zero Emissions CEO Heidi Lee.

“At this year’s Impact X Summit, coinciding with Earth Day, our mandate is more ambitious than ever, focusing on the economic transformation imperative for Australia,” said Tony Gourlay, director of Impact X.

“The summit aims to bridge the gap between current practices and ambitious targets. It is not merely a discussion forum but a critical platform for accelerating actionable change. By working together, and working faster, we aim to not only meet but exceed the pivotal challenges of our time.”

CSRIO’s Michael Battaglia said he looked forward to learning about what has worked in the push towards net zero.

“We are each trialling and experimenting with approaches aimed at one of the hardest things we’ve ever tried to do to the economy,” he said.

“The net zero transition is being realised through the actions of many individuals and organisations. I’m looking forward to learning about what has worked, what hasn’t, and what we can do together to accelerate the rate of change.”

Dermot O’Gorman, CEO at World Wide Fund for Nature Australia, said Impact X is a chance to join leaders and “explore how we can transform our mindset to be regenerative change-makers.”

“While we live in an era of disruption and uncertainty, we also have more information than ever about the problems and potential game-changing solutions,” he said.

“Crises can trigger a scarcity mentality, but we need to adopt a mindset that views, what are often described as unsolvable challenges, as amazing opportunities to deliver a regenerative future.”