ICCA Congress to focus on hybrid events

ICCA has announced its 59th Congress will focus on the “global hybrid experience” as it looks to provide a framework for the future of global events.

To be held in Kaohsiung on November 1-3, the congress has a hybrid format and is themed “Transforming Global Events Together”.

The event will explore new ideas, formats and technologies to combine efforts and create the “Kaohsiung Protocol”, a framework that identifies major trends and key strategies that will enable the international meetings industry to thrive, now and into the future.

ICCA has worked in collaboration with Maritz Global Events on the format of this years’ Congress, which will be available both as physical and virtual event.

As part of the Congress, all participants can be involved in a six-week online pre-Congress ‘Road to Kaohsiung’ programme, identifying major trends, key strategies, new ideas, formats and technologies for the future of global events.

“This is all aimed at leading the transformation of our industry and unlocking the expertise of our global community to jointly create the “Kaohsiung Protocol”, a framework that will document and highlight best practices to help ensure global events continue to be vital drivers of social, scientific and economic development,” ICCA CEO Senthil Gopinath said.

“To achieve this, ICCA has created a truly global and a unique event model which will ensure engagement of business events experts from all over the world.”

In response to the uncertain situation and to give participants full control of how they wish to attend, ICCA is offering flexible and adaptable approach to registration and the accompanying fees.  This means delegates can sign up now but change their registration type later, allowing them to change between virtual attendee, hub attendee or Kaohsiung in-person attendee.

“We believe in the power of meeting face-to-face but know this isn’t always possible,” said Gopinath. “Still, we want to make sure our global community can take part and make their voice heard from wherever they are.”