ICBS delivers caffeine kick to Malaysian exhibition sector with return of large scale in-person show

The International Café & Beverage Show (ICBS) 2022 was held at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre in May.

The International Café & Beverage Show (ICBS) 2022 was held last month marking one of the first international exhibitions to return to Malaysia in the wake of the pandemic.

Despite the challenging environment in the lead-up to the event, which had resulted in several postponements, the show eventually went ahead at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre in May and exceeded the organiser’s expectations by achieving over 6,000 visitors from 35 countries, across its three days.

“We were so happy with how the event turned out,” said Christopher McCuin, managing director of show organiser Montgomery Asia.

“The feedback from exhibitors has been excellent, with many already planning their attendance at next year’s show.


“Prior to the show we were confident that there would be enough interest to support the event as the Malaysian café and coffee industry is growing rapidly, but we were still not sure, following the pandemic, to what level people would be comfortable to travel and attend an event like this.

“Fortunately, it seems that many people are positively enthusiastic about being able to meet up in person again. Of course, it helps that this show was all about coffee and food. People want to savour the aroma and taste for themselves. They can’t do that online.”

ICBS was organised in collaboration with the Malaysia Specialty Coffee Association.

“After two years of full or partial lockdown the Malaysian economy is really opening again,” said Yip Leong Sum, president of the Malaysia Specialty Coffee Association.

“At this ICBS we saw a lot of new blood joining the competition which was great to see as this event was designed to encourage young professionals to showcase their talent, skill and creativity in the specialty coffee industry.”

ICBS 2022 also played host to the ASEAN Coffee Federation (ACF) Board Meeting which welcomed delegates from Laos, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, Myanmar, the Philippines and Australia.

“Based on the success of ICBS 2022, we are already planning our 2023 event which will be even bigger and better,” McCuin.