IACC offers new solution for connecting multi-location meetings

IACC has launched a new meeting framework that connects groups in different locations.

IACC MultiPOD is one meeting, with in-person groupings of participants in two or more different locations.

The concept came about after IACC identified three critical features of a multi-located meeting – venue capabilities, strong technology and production delivery, and collaboration between all parties.

“This has been designed to cater for the way meetings need to happen in the current climate and is underpinned by our commitment to venue excellence,” said IACC CEO Mark Cooper.

“Given global restrictions on travel and limits on the number of people who can gather in person, many business events will take place regionally in smaller groups. However, that does not diminish the desire for in-person live experiences and to foster cross-fertilisation of ideas across countries and continents.”

Cooper said that the IACC community has always had “a strong DNA for sharing ideas that matter”.

“Collaborating with their colleagues at the venues hosting the other PODs was a concept they can easily embrace,” he said.

“It may be as simple as co-ordinating the same food and drink offer across all venues, to provide continuity shared experiences for attendees, or sharing important planning related information in advance to save the meeting organiser time. It can also go much deeper if desired.”