Hotel F&B manager apologises for stealing nearly $100k

A former hotel manager who stole nearly $100k has apologised for his crimes.

John Joshua Waldron pleaded guilty to 30 charges of aggravated theft that occurred when he was employed as food and beverage manager of the Comfort Inn Haven Marina in Glenelg North in 2017 and 2018.

Waldron stole $91,272.17 from the hotel, which he then blew gambling on horseracing at a TAB.

Appearing at Adelaide Magistrates Court, Waldron read out a letter in which he apologised for what was described by prosecutors as a “monumental breach of trust”.

“I am here today because I have committed these crimes,” he said in his statement. He also called on Magistrate Elizabeth Sheppard to consider allowing him to serve his sentence in the community so he could continue treatment for gambling addiction.

Following the thefts, the hotel stopped lunch and dinner services, resulting in employees losing their jobs, according to Police prosecutor Brevet Sergeant Stuart Rees.

“This offending was a monumental breach of trust,” Rees said.

“When you look at the offending in its entirety it is obvious there was a great deal of planning to cover his tracks, including blaming other people.”

The hotel lost more than $30,000 after filing an insurance claim before the full extent of the offending became known.