Hobbiton development plan approval to greenlight more events

Hobbiton will be able to hold more and bigger events after it got the greenlight from council to operate under their new development concept plan which will allow 3500 visitors per day and a million per year, up from 300,000.

Hobbiton is New Zealand’s third largest tourist attraction, with the Matamata-Piako District Council’s decision based on an independent commission’s evaluation of matters such as visitor accommodation and associated noise, traffic, visual and other effects.

The plan change will include a cap of 3500 visitors per day for tours, up to 12 events a year with each event allowing up to 500 people per event, and day-time noise extended to 10.30pm.

“We are keen to keep working closely with the community here in the Matamata area to ensure we continue to make a positive contribution and we can carefully manage the impacts caused by the high number of visitors to our region,” said Hobbiton chief executive Russell Alexander.