Historic Jenolan Caves House hotel to get a $10m upgrade

A $10.5 million commitment from the NSW Government has given the greenlight to transform Caves House hotel at the Jenolan Caves into a five-star destination.

The money will be used to refurbish all 36 guest rooms at Caves House, including providing ensuites for each room. It follows an $8.5 million grant announced by the NSW Government in April last year to upgrade Jenolan Caves.

The hotel’s grand dining room, reception and entry areas would also be refurbished and heating, cooling and power systems would be upgraded.

“These upgrades will bring architect Walter Liberty Vernon’s romantic vision to life, paying homage to Cave House’s rich history and heritage while also providing visitors with a modern five-star accommodation experience,” said Member for Bathurst Paul Toole.

“These upgrades will not only benefit the Blue Mountains tourist economy, but also provide proper disability access to Caves House and ensure the 1880s era hotel complies with modern building standards.”