GPJ partnership ‘ready to roll’ with new video package

GPJ, The Fordham Company and Canon’s SunStudios have partnered to create broadcast-quality content packages.

Ready to Roll offers custom packages that allow in-studio access at limited numbers while creating professionally produced videos, live-streaming video, and talent resources.

The idea was sparked by conversations with industry colleagues amidst the unprecedented changes to their companies that were occurring due to Covid-19.

“At this tough time for the live-events industry, it was important for us to come together as three like-minded businesses, thinking locally of what we can offer to showcase some semblance of normal,” said Caleb Bush, managing director GPJ ANZ.

Jason McLean, director of Canon Imaging & Solutions, said they were “ready to roll” providing safe studios in both Sydney and Melbourne.

Among the talent on offer via The Fordham Company’s line-up includes Lisa Wilkinson, Sylvia Jeffreys and Mark Taylor amongst others.

“Recently we’ve seen an increase in demand to access talent for digital and virtual campaigns, content and events,” said The Fordham Company’s Nick Fordham.

“We are so fortunate to represent and work with a diverse range of Australia’s most trusted personalities and brands who can be very effective communicators during this time.”