Google pushes further into the travel ecosystem

Google has pushed further into the travel aggregator sector with the launch of two new Google search features that make it easier to predict your travel costs before you book.

The new Google tools allow you to explore destinations by price and find hotel bookings quickly.

You can already see destinations by price after entering your starting airport with the “Explore” tool on Google Flights. Now, you can enter a price ceiling to keep your flight costs below a certain dollar amount. You can browse destinations looking at the map or the scroll-down menu and can continue filtering the options by the airline, flight times and the number of stops.

Some of the newest flight insights can also show you how current prices compare to average prices for the last year. You can also have Google Flights track prices for a specific route and receive an alert to buy tickets when the price drops.

In a move away from providing its own external links for booking through third-party providers directly, the company now also offers its own direct service for hotel bookings with Google Hotel Search.

New filters include finding hotel deals instead of only searching by the nightly rate. You can also search by amenity types, star ratings and a maximum or minimum price window.

When you find a hotel you like, click on the property name. You will then see the price from the various travel websites to help you pick the best price.

“If you have flexibility on where you go but not on how much you’ll spend, you can explore the world map on Google Flights to see all the destinations you can fly to on your budget,” said Google’s vice president of product management in travel, Richard Holden.

“For either specific or flexible dates, you can use a price filter on desktop to set your price limit and see only the destinations you can fly to within this range.”