Gold Coast mega merger of events, tourism, education and arts into one body

gold coast

The Gold Coast’s major events, tourism, education and arts bodies are set to merge into one mega body called Experience Gold Coast.

Experience Gold Coast will be the amalgamation of HOTA, Destination Gold Coast, Major Events Gold Coast, Study Gold Coast and Placemakers.

The City of Gold Coast Council voted in favour of the move, saying it will save around $6.8 million a year.

A $1.5 million community arts fund will also be established, with Mayor Tom Tate saying the “findings are clear”.

“We need an overarching strategy, a better governance structure and more alignment. We don’t need multiple boards, multiple visions and duplication of effort,” he said.

“The work we need these entities to do is too important. We need them to be one team, heading in the same direction, together.

“Today’s decision will see our city adopt the proven formula of other global cities by creating a single entity to drive growth and opportunities in these key areas.”

City CEO Tim Baker will now begin the process of appointing a transitional CEO and advisory committee to bring together the five bodies. The new entity is expected to be established by the end of the year.

“These entities are doing good job, but there’s always room for improvement. Part of that improvement is getting everyone to grow together in the same direction,” Baker said.

“So what today’s chance is about is ensuring everyone rose in the same direction and that they all work to the same strategic plan.”