Get Local shifts to August following Sydney lockdown

In light of the recent COVID-19 outbreaks and various government-imposed lockdowns, the organisers of Get Local have shifted the expo from July to August.

The in-person event will now take place on August 24-25 to give attendees from around the country and New Zealand the ability and confidence to attend.

“We have always maintained that Get Local would be an in-person event and by moving it to August we are confident that will happen,” said Donna Kessler and Gary Bender, co-owners of Get Local.

“Moving the expo allows both exhibitors and visitors time to do what they have to do in their own businesses right now. Over the past few days many companies have made the decision to reschedule their own events and that takes work for event planners and venue operators, our attendees, to manage.

“Unfortunately, the global pandemic has brought with it a new reality for all of us where we have to be agile in every single area of our business. Moving Get Local to August is simply a demonstration of this.