Geelong looks for new major events opportunities

major events

Geelong’s Major Events Committee has called for a new approach to securing major events after a $300,000 budget cut.

The Geelong region hosted 18 major events last financial year boosting the local economy by more than $81 million.

But Deputy Mayor Anthony Aitken, who is also chair of Geelong’s Major Events Committee (MEC), said a review has been launched to look at opportunities in the state government’s $150m Regional Tourism and Events Fund.

“That review is really attempting to refresh council’s participation in major events and actually develop a strategic focus going forward and take advantage of those funding opportunities,” Aitken said at a recent council meeting.

Aitken also said they were looking to develop “an Indigenous-based event of national significance” to bring more visitors to the region.

Brownbill ward councillor Peter Murrihy said the construction of a new convention centre also presented opportunities to secure more events.

“With the new convention centre starting to be built, I think the MEC can be better placed to go out and attract new events, instead of the events, perhaps, coming to Geelong and seeking the MEC out, which I think, relatively speaking, sort of happens,” he told the Geelong Advertiser.

“I think it’s a unique opportunity where Geelong could be placed to really be in that market to go and recruit and seek bigger and greater events to come to the region.”

Some of the major events in Geelong this year include The Australian International Airshow at Avalon Airport, The Festival of Sails and Cadel Evans Great Ocean Road Race.