Fyre Festival’s viral star says ‘the industry is broken’

Festival veteran Andy King, who rose to fame after his viral appearance in a Netflix documentary on the Fyre Festival fiasco, says the music festival industry is “broken” and cannot “continue being this drug-ridden, wasteful thing”.

King is heading to Australia next month to deliver the keynote address at BigSound, Brisbane’s annual music industry conference.

Speaking to The Age, King says that a more eco-friendly approach may be the industry’s only hope in the long term.

“We’re about to announce a music festival here in the States, it’s going to be zero waste, we’re going to support local farmers, local chefs, local musical acts, we’re going to focus on our social and environmental impact, and we’re going to make it sexy and cool,” King said.

“I feel like Gen Zs and millennials, they want to take jobs that make them feel better, that help the planet… My angle is trying to inspire young organisers to do the right thing, and drive the music festival industry into a slightly new direction.”

King said that it was the unspoken side of Woodstock’s mythology such as the trash and drug overdoses, that kept him going as the Fyre Festival imploded around him leaving punters stranded on a deserted island in the Bahamas without basic provisions.

“And I thought, ‘You know what? Sh-t, if Woodstock got through that, Fyre will make it.’ And that’s what pushed me every day,” he said.