Future Events Lab launches new mobile event app

future events

Melbourne-based technology company Future Events Lab has launched a new mobile event app which aims to redefine how organisers and attendees connect and engage with events, forums, exhibitions and conferences.

Future Events Lab is a new collaboration between event and video production company JT Production Management (JTPM) and Brisbane-based tech solutions agency Cedar Street.

“Our goal is to make participating in events more inclusive, intuitive and engaging than ever,” said Julia Truong, director of Future Events Lab.

“We aim to give event organisers and attendees full control and accessibility to every element of their program to optimise and maximise the event experience.”

future events
Future Events Lab directors Bernadette Murphy (right) & Julia Truong.

The mobile app has been designed to be user-friendly and fully customisable but still comes with support from an in-house technical team for reliable assistance on event days.

Some of the app functions include event countdowns, scan entry or registration, in session live chats and polls, private chat, push notifications and announcements.

“We are committed to continuously learning, improving and evolving our products and services to not only keep up, but stay ahead of ever-changing client and industry needs,” said Truong.

“While the Future Events Lab app was primarily created to support virtual and hybrid events, it’s features and capabilities are proving to be just as valuable for live in-person events too.”